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Loftin Kohn

Owner, Artist, Creator

I guess I’ll go in order of my growth, as an artist and a person!

Thank you Mom & Dad

I have been drawing, creating, writing, and just inspired from as early as I could do all those things. As a kid, I played sports like most, but most of my time at home was filled with getting whatever was in my little brain out into the pshycial world. I also fully expressed myself as a child, nobody could tell me sh*t! My daycare ladies actually gave my the nickname “Biva”, short for “Baby Diva”.

I would always create at home, but growing up, my lovely Mother (@shannonkohncreates) encouraged me to make art for extracurricular activites! I competed in “Reflections”, a state-wide school arts competition, just about every year throughout my elementary days!

Both of my parents went to school for graphic design, but can

pretty much create anything they put their mind to. This gave me such an opportunity as a kid to test and experience with mediums, while also learning a baseline of art. (We also have an annual Gingerbread Smackdown. We use Graham Crackers, but you get the point.)

“Santa & Leopard walking on water” - Clay tile


-Graham Cracker & Frosting


-Sun Print


Been Cool

I also of course, played with Bratz as a Biva and had other fashion inspired toys growing up. I would do “before shower makeup“ and make crazy dance videos. I had no problem doing me and telling people how it was! Though, with all this sass, I also grew up outside. I LOVED making forts in the woods and decorating sustainably. One time, me and a friend crushed up some berries for some paint! (There‘s a funny story with that one). We used to make sculptures from the creek clay, and omg the chalk... all the chalk.

I also had no idea how much it would stick with me, until revisiting my child-like self, but my Mom used to take my brother and me to GoodWill about once a week. She would buy clothes, patch them up, and resell them on Ebay. Sound familiar? I would always head straight for the shoes and jewelry; Yeah, some things never change :)

I think these early interests in art ad clothing, and being close to nature have all morphed into what I‘m trying to grow today as LoftinLoaded! I want to create a brand so well-rounded creatively and sustainably that not only I profit. I want my community and my planet to profit as well.

“Tuscan Gold”

- Marker & Crayon


Self Portrait

- Construction Paper Collage


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Especially in High School

I, a perfectionist and overachiever, was in Student Council in High School! It was actually super fun and engaging. My favorite part, as was everyone’s I’m sure, was Spirit Week. We recruited local businesses for donations and sponsorships as well as hold events for the purpose of raising money for our charity of the year. The feeling you get from unraveling a huge check for $100K+ after planning every detail of one week for months prior, is indescribable! So worth the stress and hard work!

My other job for Student Council was art related. (lol duh) I made huge backdrops and posters for our school

dances and sports games! Art class was definitely my favorite part of the day. We again worked with many mediums, learning about styles and techniques of creating. One of my pieces my Senior year was displayed at Fall for Greenville in 2018!

-Oil Pastels on Paper


“Marilyn Monroe” -Magazine Collage


My High School had a couple groups of “Senior Ladies”. Groups of girl friends would make matching overalls and would pass down the tradition to another raising Senior.

Cammie Mitros was not only my Senior Class President, leading every role in Student Council, but she was also the lead Senior Lady if there ever was one. She was so bright and bold. She seemed to have no fear and she didn’t take any bullshit. She invited me, a new friend, into her home and life and truly just made me feel like we had been friends for years. She was so funny, and witty, and SMART. She was the cool aunt that drinks wine on her private jet, traveling the world. Cammie truly inspired me to be as caring and thoughtful, but also as independent as she was. Cammie, I’m sorry.

Wine Glasses Toasting

PLEASE reach out to your friends when you think about them, no matter the time since you’ve last seen them.

Tell people what they mean to you.

Rest In Peace


Call 988 for suicidal help. Please talk to someone, ANYONE.

you are NOT alone.

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COVID Cougar

In 2018, I moved out of my hometown and moved to Charleston for college. My experience at the College of Charleston was wild to say the least. I studied and did so much that helped shape me, and again, taught me things about myself that would make sense when I figured out what I wanted to do with my knowledge.

I started my freshman experience in the CofC Honors College Entrepreneurship-LLC. I began to learn about coding, data science, business models, pitching and planning for investors, the list goes on. I participated in Hack-A-Thons, locally and in Estonia throughout my freshman year. CofC focuses heavily on sustainability, so this theme would be in all of my remaining years downtown!

Sophomore year was more technical based. I learned accounting and got most of my core classes out of the way (thank goodness). Come March 2020, the world would shut down and so would my college experience in a way. I changed my major to something I was good at, something I could teach myself online. This was History! It is SO important to know the history and story behind [every]thing! Knowing the past helps you better it and advance.

I did end up reading and writing my way to a Bachelor’s Degree in History. I worked for the Charleston Museum for about a year after i graduated! Though, I had some free time in my Senior year to take some extra fun courses. I dabbled in Kayaking 101 and Table Tennis & Pickle Ball, but I wanted to continue learning as well. I also took Intro to Art History and Historic Preservation Planning. These two courses, along with everything else I learned through my tumultuous experience of College of Charleston boosted my drive to leave my own mark on the world.

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LoftinLoaded is Born

Welp, after some time on my own in the real world, I have quickly realized that there actually are no rules and you can do whatever you want. As long as you’re happy and are being a productive member of society, then you're golden! This is where your interests, passions, and roots come in. I reflected on who I used to be; What would little Loftin want? From there, LoftinLoaded was born.

Once just a cheeky name for an Instagram, LoftinLoaded has grown into much more. And Hopefully will continue to expand and thrive (this is just the beginning)! Using multi-mediums, I look to CREATE. That is all.

I want to create my own clothing. Sewn together with my hands or design online and printed, I want to produce my own fashion. I want to make my own art too. All of it.

I want to create a new life for old clothing, things, and stuff. Just like my Mom did when i was younger, I just genuinely going to the thrift store to look for cheaper, but stylish options of clothing. So, much so that I’ve started shopping for other people. That way, you don’t have to! I cant let those shoes that are slightly too big or small go just because they don't fit ME?!

I want to create hope for the less fortunate. Giving back to others when I can. I want to create a world without an overshoot day in August...

Sooooo, lets MAKE something happen, people! Using all my learned knowledge from a blessed life, I plan to hold events and fundraisers of my own! Hosting art shows, DJ sets, field days, fashion shows. Promoting boxing matches, and other local artists. Making my own clothing, art, patches, stickers, etc. The sky is the limit, and then some.

Handdrawn Recolorable Support

If you wanna pitch in to help me LoftinLoad some good and fun into this world, check out my GoFundMe!

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You can also pick something specific off LoftinLoaded’s Wishlist! THANK YOU!

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Fun, Funky, & Fresh.

LoftinLoaded is an immersive creative experience, contrary to your other secondhand clothing or thrift store! Focusing on contributing to the public in the most sustainable ways possible, LoftinLoaded allows the opportunity for eco-friendly, innovative inspiration.

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